"What got me through was knowing that I was part of something bigger"

~ Joe Rios, Impact Runner

This is a race for those who think differently, who run for others & who dream that they can leave an impact. 

A 6-Day Adventure taking you to the world's most stunning locations, working on incredible community projects, living in our pop-up Athletes' Village and running the hardest race of your life

Our Pioneer Runners
“I'm not terribly good at swearing...having said that...running in the Himalayas was f****** awesome .”
Josh Ord-Hume, London, UK
running in the himalays was f****** awesome at Nepal Impact Marathon
Joe Rios - team of individuals came together at Nepal Impact Marathon
“What got me through it was knowing that I was part of something bigger. A team of individuals that came together”
Joe Rios, Ottawa, Canada
“An unforgettable week of adventure, new friends, challenge, laughter, learning, and, most importantly of all, making our own small impact in Nepal.”
Victoria Mason, London, UK
An unforgettable week of adventure at Nepal Impact Marathon
“Honestly one of the craziest and most surreal weeks of my entire life. Totally loved every single minute of it. The world is full of amazing people .”
Jacqs Leui'i, Tokoroa, New Zealand
craziest week of my life at nepal impact marathon

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Local Causes : Global Goals
The Guatemala Impact Marathon takes on Global Goals that are about climate chang and conservation

Nothing lightens the soul and breathes new life into your life more than travel. Our races take you places you only dreamed of and introduce you to a community of awesome people just like you...

Your chance to make an impact. From project visits to digging a 5km waterpipeline - you can be assured you'll never have had an experience like this. Things will never be the same again.

Unique trail races that take you on a physical and emotional journey. Our Nepal race has 2000m of climbing over the marathon distance. But don't worry, we also have 21km & 10km distances available. 

What Makes An Impact Marathon?

We work with the UN Global Goals: 17 Goals that will change life as we know it by 2030! Each runner is linked to the goal that they are most passionate about...your fundraising goes to amazing local organisations tackling this goal in-country. 

We have the best customers in the world...

The Sunset Bar at the Nepal Marathon is a key part of what makes the Impact Marathon experience so unique
Spend a week seeing your social impact. Volunteering in Nepal to make a difference
Run the hardest race of your life. A bucket list marathon, half marathon and 10km. Unique challenge.
Nepal Impact Marathon takes on Global Goal 4 - our runners race for children, race for the future
Colombia Impact Marathon is all about ensuring inequalty reduces across the nation. Set in Santa Marta - this is a race for peace, for healing and for the future
Malawi Impact Marathon is all about Zero Hunger. Race to ensure nutrition for all